Authentic and Vibrant

The Design of Indigo Ridge

The design of Indigo Ridge is inspired by the area’s natural attributes of limestone formations and the history forged by hearty ranching lifestyles of immigrant families who settled the area. For many years the rural homestead of the Borho family has witnessed encroaching development surrounding the site. To counter the prevailing suburban pattern, a distinct and walkable network of streets and green pedestrian paths tie together blocks of offices, multi-family residences, sports facilities, and a retail/entertainment district.

The buildings and shelters blend a contemporary design language with the familiar, utilitarian, and casual architectural style of Central Texas. Follies of water, native plants, and stately heritage trees provide further abundant shade to the pedestrian walkways, numerous courtyards, and open park spaces. These elements combine to make Indigo Ridge a unique, authentic, and vibrant place where neighbors from miles away will want to return for generations.

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Animated Street Life
Village Green

Premier Destination

Accessible, Modern Living

Indigo Ridge includes a concentrated mix of uses where people can live, work, play, and stay, all within one premiere destination. More importantly, Indigo Ridge is designed to serve as a place where people come together every day to dine, shop, watch a movie, listen to a concert, or simply experience life.

Indigo Ridge will be a premier regional focal point—a destination distinguished by its range of public spaces which carefully carve out experiences of all kinds for residents, workers, and visitors.

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Planning the Future

Masterplan, Phase I

Phase I is centered around Copper Rock Drive, which will be activated by an exciting, urban mix of retail, restaurant, hotel, office, and urban living. Terminating at the USTA Tennis Center, Phase I sets the urban walkability and high quality level for the rest of the Indigo Ridge development.

Phase II builds out the USTA Tennis Center. Phases III through VI will add office, retail, high-rise condominiums, and multi-family residential living options.

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Masterplan Diagram and Birds-eye View of Architectural Rendering

Something for Everyone

Indigo Ridge Neighborhoods

The Copper Rock corridor consists of seven distinct neighborhoods, each with their own character and selection of amenities and destinations.
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South Rock

South Rock is the primary southern gateway to Indigo Ridge. Anchored by a dining garden in the shade of a heritage status Post Oak tree, this neighborhood is defined by its vibrant street life and rooftop dining terraces that offer views toward the south, and northward into the lifestyle of Copper Rock Street.

South Rock, a stage for festive dining and entertainment experiences, is composed of structures that are informal in character—with walls outfitted with murals and ‘tattoos’ that begin to reveal an homage to the history of the site. South Rock is rooted in an authentic edginess and overall casual social atmosphere where people can celebrate life as they ‘see’ and ‘are seen’.

South Rock Neighborhood

The Green Room

Accessed via alley-like passages, the Green Room is a space defined by an existing heritage Live Oak tree. This intimate room, directly accessible to parking, is surrounded by buildings and dining terraces, and is set apart from the bustle of Copper Rock Street.

Here guests can enjoy a sensory-rich yet intimate acoustical musical performance at night, a corporate event, or a calm morning breakfast with friends on one of the dining patios situated under the shade of the specimen tree which embodies so much of the beloved spirit of the Hill Country.

The Green Room Neighborhood

The Karst

Composed as Cedar Park’s “backyard,” built around a protected geological karst, The Karst is a vast green lawn that serves as the destination of a trail loop that brings all of the Indigo Ridge parcels into the lifestyle district of the project. In The Karst, children can play on the lawn as their families dine at the surrounding restaurant terraces. A large structured trellis serves as shelter for flexible space that beckons visitors to try something new from a food truck, select items at a farmer’s market, or enjoy a large outdoor concert.

Large public events and annual festivals will take place here. Indigo Ridge should be the destination for public gatherings such as Christmas tree lightings. On a daily basis the Karst also serves as a place for passive recreation and meditation.

The Karst Neighborhood

Borho Street

Turning away from Copper Rock Street is a narrower, secondary retail street that affords a more intimate outdoor room that is a bit more urban in scale. The urban living units and service retail/dining storefronts opposite each other are brought closer together and create a more intimate experience.

The shallower pedestrian ways encourage an innovative use of social space. As humble as the original family of owners that inspires its name, Borho Street functions as a visual and physical link to the planned hotel terminus to the east that closes the room.

Borho Street Neighborhood

The Promenade

Situated at the pedestrian transition between the main parking garage and Copper Rock Street, this is the primary pedestrian entry experience for the majority of visitors to Indigo Ridge. Patrons make their way through the garage from a landing open to sky at the second level.

Descending the grand stair, patrons experience the cool trickle of a large water wall. The Promenade then passes underneath the boutique offices—forming a generously illuminated paseo furnished with seating and serving as a quiet place to wait and watch street life go by.

The Promenade Neighborhood

North Rock Park

North Rock Park is an outdoor pocket park situated in front of urban residential units where the horizontal curb-to-building dimensions swell to accommodate dining and street-life activities upon the lawn and landscaping of the Commons. The Commons is situated under the shade of heritage and protected specimen trees saved and relocated from elsewhere in the project.

North Rock Park is a place for social gatherings, performers, outdoor dining, or impromptu collaborations between the boutique office workers.

North Rock Park Neighborhood

North Rock

Fronted by multi-level urban living units to one side and a movie theater on the other, North Rock is a residential neighborhood that is also a destination for shopping and entertainment. Major soft-goods retail storefronts and a cinema anchor the locally based restaurants and street-side cafes in the park just to the south.

North Rock is refined while maintaining its urban character where residents populate the street below and extend the day at Indigo Ridge.

North Rock Neighborhood